Datapack:Smelting Recipes

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If adding recipes, please read this page.

Smelting recipes in the datapack
Filename Image
diamond_horse_armor_to_block Datapack-Smelting Recipes-diamond horse armor to block.png
disenchant_book Datapack-Smelting Recipes-disenchant book.png
gold_horse_armor_to_block Datapack-Smelting Recipes-gold horse amor to block.png
iron_bars_to_nugget Datapack-Smelting Recipes-iron bars to nugget.png
iron_horse_armor_to_block Datapack-Smelting Recipes-iron horse armor to block.png
potato_to_charcoal Datapack-Smelting Recipes-potato to charcoal.png
gravel_to_flint Datapack-Smelting Recipes- Gravel to Flint.png