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Please watch this video. This explains everything you need to know :)

Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDsjXB-BaE0

Some more detailed information:

  • Automatic first chest claims are disabled
  • You start out with 100 claim blocks, and you get 100 claim blocks per hour you are online
  • You stop getting claim blocks you have 10000 accured (unused) claim blocks.
  • Claims expire after 60 days inactivity. Claims where hasn't been built in expire after 1 day.
  • If you have more than 12000 accured claim blocks your claims will no longer expire/
    • You can get over 10000 by deleting a claim
  • PvP isn't possible inside of claims.
  • Pets are also protected outside of claims
  • Explosions are allowed/enabled inside of claims (except for creepers)
  • Claims extend 64 blocks down into ground (from where you use your shovel)
    • They go all the way to the build height limit from there
  • Claims need to have at least a width of 2, and an area of 6
  • You can't have more than 64 induvidial claims. If you hit this limit look into claim subdivisions.

Useful list of commands